photo by doug griffin photography

photo by doug griffin photography

About Maria

A highly energetic individual whose passion for health and fitness led me to the fitness industry. With a degree in education, my experience spans several years of teaching, behavior modification, weight management, corrective exercise, and personal training.

In my free time I  enjoy staying active by working out, learning new strategies for workouts, hiking in the woods, running, volunteering, and I relax by reading, playing with my dogs and spending time with my family and friends.  

The goal of Organifit is to provide the means, expertise, and motivation which will enable people of all fitness levels the ability to achieve their individual fitness goals and simply feel better about themselves.

We understand that exercise and keeping fit is not fun for everyone and can be a struggle for others. Organifit is passionately committed to creating and maintaining an environment that welcomes everyone to improve their fitness and health.