What people are saying about Maria's training.

“I not only lost weight but I lost inches”
“mobility and self-confidence have improved”
“classes are fun and keep me motivated”
“Her positive energy and sense of humor is appreciated”
“People of all ages would benefit from Maria’s expertise”
“a great cheerleader with a genuine manner”

Maria is a kind and encouraging trainer. She works to understand your goals and challenges you to take realistic steps toward achieving your goals. One of the things I love about Maria is that she models the behaviors in her own life that she works to build with her clients
— Laura B., Owner, Snap Fitness
I just completed a 21-day intro to the personal training program provided at a nearby gym. I was so impressed by the workouts and classes provided by my trainer, Maria Griffin, that I have signed up for a two-year membership.
Maria initially asked about my fitness goals and then designed 4 personal workouts that focus on my upper body strength, balance and flexibility. Her positive energy and sense of humor is appreciated every workout or class but most importantly Maria’s program for me is grounded in solid physiological knowledge of the human body.
The cardio, stretches and strength work all push my limits and though I am still a “beginner” at having a personal trainer, I can already see a progression in the exercises she has me doing. Thanks Maria!
— Brad S.
The Biggest Loser class really works! I lost 15 1/2 pounds in 8 weeks! It is a great class that emphasizes both diet and exercise, with most of class time focused on exercises that really help with losing inches and are easy to do at home. The instructor is a certified personal trainer and is very good at modifying the work out to everyone’s abilities. It was definitely the Jump Start I needed to become more fit and healthy.
— Nancy D.
Maria addresses real life issues and real-life challenges as well as provide motivation and strategic exercises to meet your realistic personal goals -
— Patty A.
I had the tremendous good fortune to meet and work with Maria this summer. While I had lost some weight on my own, I was stagnating and beginning to feel hopeless. Maria set up a great program with incremental steps, challenges, and goals that led to a life changing 10 weeks for me. Her expertise, in a holistic way, about working out, eating, meditating, and then putting it all together led to me losing weight, and feeling empowered as I enter my 50th year. I have paid far more for personal trainers who did not have the right combination for me. Maria is a great cheerleader with a genuine manner. She is also very funny. I would encourage anyone to go for it with Maria.
You will reach your goals!
— Kathy C.
About 7 years ago my husband suggested I join a fitness center. I could walk about 2 blocks and would be tired and needed to rest. I found a gym close to my home and work. I started out walking the treadmill because this was the only thing I thought I could do. I watched numerous people on the weights and wished I could do that. Fast forward - Team Training became available. I thought, “Is this something for someone my age?” I would never know unless I tried it. Since I joined the class, my balance, mobility and self-confidence have improved. I attend at least 4 sessions every week with Maria leading the class. My blood pressure and cholesterol have gone down. I am now lifting weights I never thought I could. (squatted with 110 lbs on my 59th birthday) with Maria as my personal trainer. I train once a week with her. She is always pushing me to do my personal best and is always complementary, knowledgeable and a very enthusiastic coach.
— Lynn D.
I signed up for the biggest loser needing help to get me started on my climb back to good health and weight. This is not a diet for me it is a way of life. I’m a bit past middle age and being healthy is important. I broke an arm and leg in the previous year and it has been a struggle to get back to strong bones and exercise. I also picked up an extra 30 pounds along that road back.
This class was so great for several reasons, the biggest being my trainer Maria. She motivates you to do what you can do and to push yourself to want to do more. She is excellent at helping you do the exercises so that you get the most out of them but, do not hurt yourself. She sends messages during the week to keep you motivated.
Maria not only taught you exercises for the body but, exercises for the mind as well. Each week I looked forward to the class handouts and the discussions we had around our week. It made you feel you were not alone in your struggles. I need the accountability factor and this class gave me that.
This class taught me to know what to eat to lose weight and the exercises to do to maintain my weight loss. Everyone can say they are a big loser who takes this class (In A GOOD WAY). I not only lost weight but I lost inches. I will be taking more classes to shape and keep my body toned.
— Bonnie S.
My goals have centered on improving my strength and balance, while also losing some weight and improving my health. Under Maria’s guidance and encouragement, I have definitely improved.
Through monthly tests that Maria has given me, I can see that my weight, muscle strength, and body fat percentage have shown gradual improvement.
Maria’s approach with me (and I observed, also with others) is to be professional and personable. She genuinely cares about me and the path that I am taking to make improvements. Maria is always organized each time I come for training sessions. She knows the right combination of exercises. Maria challenges me, and I am grateful for the approach she takes.
Over the time I have worked with Maria I have occurred two minor injuries. (Both on related to my training). I made Maria aware of these injuries immediately, and she provided me with a set of exercises that helped me to recover from the injuries. While I was recovering, she also adjusted my training to make sure that I still got in a good amount of exercise, but not any that would worsen my injuries.
In summary, Maria is well qualified and experienced. Maria is superb in her role as a personal trainer!
— Linda M.
After NEVER having exercised, other than walking, I decided it was time to get fit and joined a gym 4 years ago. With the help of my daughter and a few pointers from the trainers, I started an every-other-day routine. Then Team Training was offered. After some thought, I signed up and haven’t looked back! The help and encouragement Maria has provided in my continuing fitness journey has been more than beneficial. She understands my occasional physical limitations but also is great at pushing me when she knows I can go further. The classes are fun and keep me motivated - and that’s the key!
— Carol T.
I have been working out consistently at the gym for two and a half years. In that time, I have worked with six different trainers. In the past three months, Maria Griffin, has been my training coach and I notice a marked improvement in myself.
Maria is very knowledgeable about exercise, physiology, and diet. She can take a pre-designed workout and tailor it to my needs. In a class setting she gives each person different things on which to focus depending on their situation. In short, Maria is certified, and it shows!
In the last two months, I have gained 2 lbs. of muscle and lost over 2 lbs. of fat. This is an exciting development for me, and the first time that I have been able to measure a significant result for myself. If this work continues, within the year I will be seeing body measurements that might take me back 30 years.
I am continually impressed with Maria’s ability to quietly encourage me to do more…supportive but demanding in a gentle way. I feel motivated, can now begin to see real progress, and am learning to take better care of myself. My form, strength, balance, stamina, and weight have all improved. Over a year ago, I didn’t trust my ability to jump or stand on one foot. My weight was increasing, and my stamina/strength was better but not reliable. For the last two months I have been taking two classes and two training sessions a week. I have even been coming in one more time a week on my own for the last month and expect to continue doing this.
People of all ages would benefit from Maria’s expertise, check out a training program with her. Your work with Maria will be completely worth it and you won’t be disappointed!
— Leyla S.
Overall, I’m really happy with the 21-day challenge. It was fun working with you and I’m pleased with the results. My weight went down from 154.1 to 150.8 lbs. Skeletal Muscle Mass stayed the same at 57.8 lbs and
the Percentage Body Fat went down from 32.8 to 31.4
Training with Maria was a great and enjoyable experience. Her exercises were challenging but fun…she definitely gave me the boost to take my work out to the next level!
— Patricia T.